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Assessment in Singapore Vol 3 - Concepts and Tools for Classroom Assessment
AuthorToh Poh Guan and Leong See Cheng
PublisherSingapore Examanation and Assessment Board
SynopsisIn this book, Assessment in Singapore : Volume 3 - Concepts and Tools for Classroom Assessment, assessment specialists of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) contributed essays on assessment topics that they presented in workshops, seminars and courses. In these essays, they share their thoughts and learning on assessment matters so that their views of good assessment practices may reach beyond those who have attended the assessment workshops and seminars. The essays in this book fall under two broad themes:
- Concepts of assessment
- Tools for assessment

The 14 essays on educational assessment are:

1. The roles of assessment in the education system
2. The context of assessment - Purpose of education and nature of curriculum
3. Alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment
4. Standards-referenced assessment
5. Principles of assessment: validity, reliability and fairness
6. How to construct maps help in the construction and evaluation of tests
7. Reducing construct-irrelevant variance in assessing language achievement
8. What to value in students' writing at the primary levels
9. Assessing humanities achievements
10.Basic statistics for assessment
11.Converting marks to grades
12.Considerations for marking of written scripts and assessing performance
13.Use of constructed-response items for assessment in primary science
14.What really is assessment for learning?
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