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Assessment in Singapore Vol 2 - Strategies and Methods for Classroom Practice
AuthorToh Poh Guan and Leong See Cheng
PublisherSingapore Examinations and Assessment Board
SynopsisIn this book, Assessment in Singapore:Volume 2 - Strategies and Methods for Classroom Practice, staff members of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) continue their effort they started in 2014 to pen and share their thoughts and learning on assessment issues and practices that may contribute to the building of assessment expertise and good assessment practices in schools.

The essays are organised broadly around three themes:
• Curriculum and Assessment
• e-Assessment
• Principles, Strategies and Practices of Assessment

The 20 essays on educational assessment are:

1. Assessment of problem solving in Mathematics
2. Developing good listening comprehension tests
3. Subjectivity in assessing writing
4. Choice in Literature examinations:boon or bane?
5. Reflecting on assessment of the Humanities for better classroom practices
6. What e-examinations can or cannot do
7. Considerations in the design of Science e-assessment items
8. Ethics in classroom assessment
9. Teacher guidance in the conduct of coursework
10. Classroom assessment - Set it right!
11. How to develop scoring rubrics for assessment
12. Selecting appropriate formats for your assessment
13. What do you mean by standards?
14. Planned Questioning framework - Evidence of learning in the classroom
15. Assessment and Science of Learning
16. Using and writing Portfolio to assess broader educational outcomes
17. Loop of active practice - Adapted from Bloom's and SOLO Taxonomics
18. Aligning assessment practices with curricular changes in the context of globalisation
19. Using two-tier multiple choice instruments to promote deeper understanding in the sciences
20. The 4i strategy for developing item writing skills
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