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You and the Law
AuthorDoris Chia
PublisherSingapore Association of Woman Lawyers
SynopsisYou & the law is possibly the only book in Singapore that simplifies 20 different areas of the law and other common topics for the layman person. Written simply, and sometimes in a question and answer format,this is a user-friendly publication for the man in the street.
“You & The Law” covers questions such as:

Who can get a divorce in Singapore?
When can the police arrest a person?
What is defamation?
What do you do when involved in an accident?
Inheritance and succession – who gets your assets when you die?
What is the difference between copyright and trademark?
What are your legal rights as an employee?
Edited by eminent lawyer Doris Chia of David Lim & Partners, the chapters in this book are contributed by lawyers with special knowledge in the relevant areas of law, corporate leaders and various government and NGOs.
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