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SingaporeTax Workbook (22nd Edition)
AuthorSum Yee Loong
PublisherWolters Kluwer
SynopsisThe Singapore Tax Workbook 2019/20 (22nd Edition) is a concise and user-friendly guide to Singapore income tax for all taxation and accounting students, tax practitioners and anyone who needs practical tax information.

This workbook incorporates all the relevant income tax changes since the previous edition, including those announced in the Budget 2019. The law in this edition stands as at 22 February 2019.

Key topic areas covered include:
?basic tax concepts
?outward and inward investments
?corporate restructuring, mergers and liquidation
?taxation of specialised businesses
?investment incentives

Key features and benefits of the workbook include:
?provides concise and comprehensive coverage of the current tax laws, incorporating the latest tax changes made in the 2019 Budget
?updated and revised examples illustrate the practical workings of the law to reinforce understanding and assist in the application of tax concepts and principles
?each chapter begins with a Summary Checklist to key points
?paragraphs are followed by law references to assist with follow-up research
?revision questions are provided at the end of each chapter, with suggested solutions presented at the conclusion of the Workbook to aid learning and exam preparation
?locating specific topics is easy with the Case Table, Interpretation and Practice Notes Finding List, Section Finding List and Topical Index.
Complete chapter list:

Chapter 1 Basic Tax Concepts

Chapter 2 Tax Administration

Chapter 3 Income and Deemed Income

Chapter 4 Deductions

Chapter 5 Capital Allowances

Chapter 6 Unincorporated Businesses

Chapter 7 Personal Reliefs and Tax Rebates

Chapter 8 Taxation of Employees

Chapter 9 Taxation of Businesses

Chapter 10 Taxation of Overseas Income

Chapter 11 Taxation of Non-Residents

Chapter 12 Outward and Inward Investments

Chapter 13 Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Liquidation

Chapter 14 Taxation of Specialised Businesses

Chapter 15 Investment Incentives

Chapter 16 Trusts, Settlements, Estates and Estate Duty

Chapter 17 Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

Chapter 18 Personal Finance

Chapter 19 Goods and Services Tax
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